Austrian tax return. Form L1i.

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What documents do you have to send order to be considered an austrian tax resident?

If you worked in Austria and are filing a tax return you will have to attach a few documents. One of which is the form L1i – Erklärung zur ArbeitnehmerInnenveranlagung also known as an employee’s declaration of tax measurement.

What is the form L1i?

This form is one of the documents attached to the austrian tax return. It serves as a confirmation that you have no income outside Austria. Each L1i form has a unique number under which you are registered in the austrian tax office. Based on this form you will be considered an austrian tax resident and you will be able to benefit from the austrian tax system.

How do I acquire the form L1i?

The process of receiving the form is a bit more complicated. It is not a publicly accessible document, therefore it is no easy to just download and fill it. You have to request it from the austrian tax office a process which is done completely in german. You request it online from the tax office which will send it to you via post.

Does that sound complicated to you? It can be simplified!

After completing the tax return in our app you should select:

  • Form L1i
  • For a fee of 5 € we will immediately send it to your email
  • All you need to do is print it
  • Afterwards you will need to confirm the form in a local tax office based on your permanent residence
  • Send via certified mail to your assigned tax office in Austria

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